ActionHat: DIY Kit

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Product Overview

Turn your favorite hat into an ActionHat with the patent-pending ActionHat® FlexFrame DIY Kit. Check out the video below for the quick and easy instructions. 
Kit Includes:

  • ActionHat® FlexFrame
  • ActionHat® Aluminum Mount
  • Mounting Screws

Before You Start
Pick the Right Hat
The ActionHat® Frame is 8 mm thick. the best hats to use are adjustable high crown hats that will help compensate for the extra thickness added. if using a low profile or fitted hat, we recommend trying a larger size than normal to achieve the ideal look and feel. You will need to punch two holes into your hat to install the frame and aluminum mount. Before making holes, place the frame into the hat and try it on to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. 

Test for Flotation
Since hat weights, materials and styles vary, we cannot guarantee that your DIY ActionHat will float. We recommend float testing your DIY ActionHat by installing the FlexFrame and your camera and placing it in a bucket of fresh water. If your custom ActionHat will float in fresh water, it will definitely float in salt water. If additional flotation is needed, we recommend installing a second DIY kit and trimming it as needed. Alternatively, you can attach a key float for extra flotation. If you do not need your hat to float you can trim the frame as needed.
Tools Required: philips head screw driver, marker and utility blade  
Installation Instructions:
1. We recommend placing the mount at least 2 inches above the bill. At 2 inches above the bill, the frame will tuck neatly inside the hat brim. Tucking the frame into the hat is a cleaner install, but not mandatory. If using a hat with a centered logo, you can position the mount above the logo.

2. Using the aluminum mount as a template, mark where you would like to place the holes. The holes should be 1 inch apart.

3. Using a blade, push it through the hat where marked. Do NOT use a drill.

4. Place the frame inside the hat. You can install the frame in any orientation. We recommend testing it in multiple positions to determine the best fit.

5. Once you have determined the orientation of the frame, hold the frame flush against the hat and push the screws through. Screw into the threaded holes on the aluminum mount.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review