Berley Pro Native Watercraft T Lock Steering Upgrade


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Product Overview

The Berley Pro Native Watercraft T Lock Steering Upgrade is the ultimate and complete steering installation for the native Watercraft line up! With improvements made from the original steering conversion from Berley Pro, like removing the need to drill into the original steering plate, the separate tension plate on the top, smooth finish over the top, added a hole for retraceable rudder pull cords and designed a unique T-Locking system for the rudder shafts to ensure there is no play from the shaft to the rudder and removes the reliance on the single top screw to hold the rudder in place.

This kit includes:

  • Handle drum with top and bottom routing to let the cord pass over itself
  • Spectra Cord with a core treated and polyester jacket for high strength and minimal strength spectra cord. 295kg/650lb breaking strength
  • Tension cover with twin cord locking inserts so you can lock the cord down and be sure it won’t pull out
  • Single Piece T-Lock Rudder Drum Housing
  • Anodized Aluminum T-Locking
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Pull through braid


(No reviews yet) Write a Review