Egret Zombie RIP Stik

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Product Overview

The New Zombie RIP Stik is a hard bait, ¼-ounce lure measuring 3 inches in length and comes in two models - a floater and a slow-sinker. Both feature magnetized, slingshot technology that will allow an anglers to cast these new lures at longer distances than standard stick-baits on the market. Upon casting the Zombie RIP Stik, an internal cylindrical bar pushes to the rear of the lure placing weight near its tail. As a result, anglers will achieve long casts with greater precision at reaching targets. When cranked down, the magnetic bar slides back into the head where it remains magnetized securely thereby allowing the lure to be worked with balanced, lifelike action.

​The Zombie RIP Stik can be cast into waters near shorelines or over reefs and flats. The slow sink model is better for 3-5 foot drop offs. For shallow water "dead stick" action we recommend the slow sink model.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review