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Jackson Coosa FD

115.00 LBS
$99.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    Enjoy hands-free angling with the 2017 Coosa FD. The Jackson Coosa FD has a similar body to the Coosa HD with the added Flex Drive, which can propel you forward or in reverse. A daggerboard protected tri-blade propeller combined with articulation gives the Flex Drive a performance increase over other drives and helps with keeping the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever and has adjustable pitch. The Hi-Low seating gives you the ability to adjust the seat to a position that is most comfortable to you. The improved front hatch allows for easier opening and has a blade keeper on top. An integrated rudder control system allows precise direction correction while pedaling and can be switch from right to left hand control if desired. It is PowerPole ready and features molded rod tubes, gear tracks, rod holders, and a SealLine seat pouch for added storage. Included with the Coosa FD: Orion tumbler, Line Cutterz, 2007 RAM Jr. rod holder, fish grip, and a Plano tackle box. Estimated Ship date is Jul. 15 - Jul. 31

    Weight: 102 lbs. (115 lbs. with drive and seat)

    Width: 35"

    Length: 12'7"

    Capacity: 450 lbs. 

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    1. Impressive

      This is a 2 part review. The first is the retailer and the second is the Coosa FD.

      I had been watching and following with great interest the delivery date and availability of the new Coosa FD. I called 2 other dealers and placed the Coosa FD in my “wish list” on a couple of websites. The only dealer who returned my call and email inquiry was Everything Kayak. Either the rest of the dealers do not want my business or simply do not care about customer service. Once Everything Kayak knew when the Coosa FD would arrive, they let me know. Not only that, they agreed to stay open late to accommodate me not arriving until after their normal business hours.

      That is customer service with a passion for water sport enthusiasts. Bravo.

      The Coosa FD by Jackson Kayak is one fine kayak. First, the craft is quite stable not only fishing in a sitting position, but standing and casting. The drive system has a bit more resistance when peddling than I expected. Not hard and not that demanding, just a bit more than I was expecting. The Coosa FD tracks really well and moves quickly across the the waves. I had read were the FD system “hums” a bit. Indeed there is a slight hum from the drive system. It is not loud and when I slowed to enter calm water to fish, the hum disappeared. Definitely linked to how aggressively I peddled.

      The layout of the Coosa FD is excellent. Plenty of tracks and the built in rod holders are a plus.

      All in all, my first few excursions left me wanting more time on the water.

      Hats off to Jackson Kayak and a special thanks to Everything Kayak for not just wanting to make a sale, but working to deliver on what they promised. The other guys still have not returned my calls or emails. It may not mean much to some people, but it means a great deal to me.
      on 12th Dec 2017