Quad Lock Phone Mount


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Product Overview

If you’re looking for a bike phone mount that can be used on your bike as well as other activities then the Quad Lock mounting system is ideal, using the same quad lock case on your smartphone you can mount it to a Quad Lock stem or out front bike phone mount, a band mount around your arm for running, car kit and even a motorcycle mount.

The Quad Lock case fits your phone like any other phone case but has a quarter turn mount built into the back of the case, this simply clicks in to the included bike mount and turns to lock providing a secure and strong connection on your bike. There’s cases for all iPhone and recent Samsung Galaxy models as well as a universal mount that sticks either to the back of your phone or a case that you can remove with the mount.

The complete bicycle phone mount kit includes the Quad Lock case, a weather resistant cover and one Quad Lock bike mount pro as well as o-rings and zipties to secure the mount to your stem or handlebar.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review