Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

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Product Overview

The Angler Pro Carbon was inspired by the new Angler Pro, available in an industry shifting weight. The 100% Carbon shaft and multi-laminate carbon blades on the Angler Pro Carbon help provide a smooth, powerful stroke. 

This is a Dropship item. It will ship directly from the manufacturer.

The Angler Pro Carbon comes with either a snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule (adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, L or R) or a more versatile telescoping ferrule with infinite feathering angles. If you have multiple boats (or if you can’t keep your Angler Pro out of other paddlers’ hands), the telescoping ferrule makes changing paddle length a breeze.

The Angler Pro Carbon with a snap-button ferrule comes in sizes ranging from 220cm to 260cm, in 10cm increments.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review