Battle on the Bayou 2018


BOB turns 9 in 2018. The General gets a warm and fuzzy feeling in knowing that this event has endured. It's enough to move a stern and paddle-battle worn veteran to leak a single tear of happiness. Sniffle... must not choke up... ahem... 

Mark your calendar, soldiers. BOB IX falls on March 17, 2018. On that momentous date, an armada of warriors will churn brackish bayou waters into a fierce froth. The sweat will sting some eyes. The muscles of many will angrily protest. Biting bugs will be eager to sink their proboscises into any unlucky passerby. Dry mouths shall be quenched with refreshing drink. The savory aroma of post race grub will make stomachs growl like antagonized honey badgers. Once one crosses the finish line, the echoes of victory shall ring eternal.

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