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Greetings! If you’ve been kayak fishing longer than 8 to 10 years, you know how far the industry has come. That is just not in the kayaks but also the accessories. How many of you had a milk jug crate as your first fishing crate? That square, heavy, metal contraption was the perfect size to fit behind your seat in your tank well and held your tackle boxes, rain gear, pliers, fish grips, etc.. With space being a premium in kayaks, organization becomes critical. I have used several brands in the past and here are some of the features I look for and think are important. First would be does it fit cleanly in your tank well and can you secure it to your kayak? Nothing worse than having a bunch of gear in your crate and overboard it goes to Davy Jones locker! Is it customizable; can rod holders be added if needed, or a gear trac for my light pole? Another feature I look for, is it somewhat weather proof? I like mine to have a lid and while I don’t need it to be 100% waterproof, I do want it to offer some protection from the elements. Items I keep in my crate are tackle boxes, rain gear, first aid kit, air horn, fish towels, pliers and on the go repair items to name a few.

My go to crate at the moment is the Hobie H-Crate. It’s made to fit the Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks, offers H-Rail carrying handles that are great mounting platforms for H-Rail accessories. The walls of the crate have recessed mounting holes for mounting accessories. There is a rod holder in each corner with bungee straps to secure those expense rod/reels. It also has four tie-down straps to secure it to your kayak.

I invite you to stop by Everything Kayak in Gulfport, Mississippi and visit with the guys about what crate would best fit your kayak and fishing needs. You will find they have several manufactures crate selections to choose from.

Wishing you success and safety on the water!


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