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Steve Vickers, Local Team Member

“Look Mom that guy is walking on water!” is what the child said as I passed him and his Mom sitting under a beach umbrella on a recent trip to Pensacola Beach. I just smiled, waved and kept on walking on the water. Well obviously you can’t walk on water but I was on my Hobie Eclipse and by golly it’s the closest thing to walking on water. I’m sitting here thinking how to describe what this thing looks like and how it works (paddle board with handlebars or a Stairmaster that floats) but the easiest thing to do is include a picture and direct you to Hobie’s website to see the awesome mechanics of how this thing works…Genius! Every time I take it to the beach, people stop to look at it and ask me how it works. Being the Hobie ambassador that I am, I happily visit with them and on occasion invite them to take it for a spin. (Wearing a bikini seems to always get you an invite to try my Eclipse ;) ) While it’s a lot of fun, it also is a pretty good cardio workout and I promise your calves, thighs and gluteus maximus will be screaming the next day!

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the beach and water activities. Why not add this fun board from Hobie to your water toys and you too could be walking on water! Stop by and let the guys at Everything Kayak assist you in doing a pool demo on the Eclipse or any other board/kayak that catches your eye. They have the largest selection of kayaks in our area and are always willing to help put you in the right kayak no matter the activity you’re pursuing.



Hope to see you on the water!

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