Hobies & Horses

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Recently I had the opportunity to take some ladies from West Virginia in the Hobies to see what the marsh was all about. We traveled to Point Aux Chenes, LA mainly to see if we could see the wild horses, and to do a little fishing. It was a great time had for all. For the ladies it was only their second time in a kayak. They all caught their first redfish,and were able to get up to the horses. If it wasn't for Everything Kayak and Hobie these life long memories would have never been made!

It was nice for myself to sit back and watch the happiness I was able to share in the sport that I really enjoy!

"I had a lot of fun at PAC kayaking, fishing and seeing the wild horses. I was able to catch my first red fish and even some other kinds of fish. When we went kayaking the first day I got near the wild horses and was able to touch the stallion. I can’t wait to come back and try for some bigger fish!" - Gracie Garnes

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