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As one would think with the arrival of summer comes an increase in kayak sales. With a ton of new people joining us in the kayaking community it seems like a good time to remind everyone about the most important piece of equipment to have in your kayak, a good PFD(Personal Flotation Device). There are lots of great options when it comes to picking out a PFD. One of the 1st things to consider when choosing a new PFD is the fact that it is not going to do you any good if your not wearing it! You will want to choose something that is not to bulky so you will be comfortable wearing it all day and won't hinder your movement while trying to fish. In my experience the best option for kayakers is an inflatable PFD. Inflatable PFD's come in manual and automatic options but for kayakers the manual option is probably the better choice, with automatic you might be in for a good surprise if you get it soaked by a big bull red your releasing or getting wet in choppy conditions. Inflatables also come in the traditional jacket style or the belt pack style. Recently I started using the Hobie Inflatable Belt Pack PFD. For me the Hobie Inflatable Belt Pack PFD has been the most comfortable and lightweight PFD I have used. Snap it around your waist and your ready to go. The only downside being you have to manually pull the vest out of the belt pack and put it around your neck before pulling the trigger to inflate it. With the jacket style PFD you are already wearing it around your neck and only have to pull the trigger which allows you to quickly get it inflated in an emergency situation. Hope this information helps in picking out your new PFD and would like to see everyone stay safe this summer. Remember to stay hydrated and ALWAYS wear you PFD. 

-Jimmy Baker
Hobie Fishing Team Member

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