Local South Mississippi Kayak Fishing Club

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Greetings! I remember when I was thinking of purchasing my first kayak, the research I did on the various makes and models, looked at them ad nauseam on the internet. I then visited my local kayak shop to discuss my options based on my research. After much discussion, demonstrations and a check of the ole budget, decided on my first kayak. I thought to myself, I’m all done! Time to go fishing! Thankfully the salesman at the kayak store had some additional important information to share with me. “You should check out our local kayak fishing club”…..Changed my kayaking world.

I encourage you to look into your local kayak fishing club. I know they have them for south Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and if you fish multiple state waters, heck maybe join all three. These non-profit clubs are usually very inexpensive to join and the benefits always outweigh the costs. You will be part of a community that shares your passion, shares tips / information and generally wants to see each other succeed on the water. You may also make lifelong friends! I’m proud to be a member of our club in south Mississippi. Check out our Facebook page South Mississippi Kayak Fishing Club

I also invite you to stop by Everything Kayak in Gulfport, MS and see their complete line of Hobie Kayaks. You will find their staff very knowledgeable and helpful in getting you in the right kayak to fit your needs. These guys are also kayak fishermen and will happily answer any kayak fishing questions from inshore to offshore

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