New to Hobie Eclipse Fishing!!

Posted by Eric Richards, Member of Pascagoula Paradise Paddlers on 21st Dec 2018

New to Hobie Eclipse Fishing!!

The Hobie Eclipse is not known as a fishing platform but in my opinion it’s as capable as the Pro Angler or Outback. It allows you to stand in comfort while trolling or casting, which also provides the ability to sight fish, especially in clear water. I’ve never fished for specs where I could see them first and cast to them as can be done at the islands. 

The only piece of equipment necessary to convert this SUP into a fishing platform is a Robo-Cup, which clamps to the handlebar mast and provides a place to store two or three rods. I keep things simple by using a mess bag to store caught fish (An ice chest works better for longer trips). A net laying on the back deck secured by the bungee and hand towel draped over the handlebars completes the outfitting.

These pics were taken this morning after less than two hours from launch to landing. The fish were 15” to 19”. Alice’s setup can be seen in the background.

There’s nothing like catching a nice spec from the deck of a paddle board.