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Product Overview

FLEX MULLET - saltwalt Lure 

The Flex Mullet is the perfect integration of flexibility with durability. Created to give hardcore anglers the greatest technical advantage when targeting species like redfish, specks, flounder, and snook. We’ve designed the Flex Mullet with a notched tail design which purposefully causes instability in the tail. This instability is what gives the Flex Mullet its amazing action, something that will cause even the most hesitant redfish or speck to strike. We at Boca Chica strive to create lures that offer serious anglers the ultimate on-the-water advantage, and we can say with confidence that the Flex Mullet is the best redfish lure on the market. Get bowed up with the Flex Mullet.

Description of each color

The Flex Mullet “Fantasma” is our most popular color, and for good reason, it’s scary effective. Scary like a ghost! Fantasma significa fantasma es español. Ideal for clear-water situations, the Flex Mullet “Fantasma” mimics a natural bait fish. Skinny water redfish love ’em!
It’s the ultimate clear water lure.

Color: Accidental Chart
Oops! We accidentally charted, and the fish love it!  The Flex Mullet “Accidental Chart” gives more of a true chartreuse look than our Flex Mullet “Lemontreuse”.  It’s packed with silver glitter, which gives it that pop in dirty water on sunny days. You can’t get a more contrasting lure to draw the strike in dirty-water conditions.

Color: Professor P
Get a clue! “Professor P” has a Ph.D. in fish biology. Its 3.5″ flex-tail design gives it amazing action, which is perfect for cruising the flats for reds. It’s the perfect bite. “Professor P” is also highly effective for specks, flounder, and snook.

Color: New Penny/Pearl
Everyone loves pecan pie – even reds and specks! The Flex Mullet “New Penny/Pearl” is pecan pie. Nah mean! This is your new winter trout lure, your new fall flounder lure, your new redfish lure. The Flex Mullet “New Penny/Pearl” is straight money.

Color: Space Ghost
It’s hot coast to coast. Everyone loves a pearl fishing lure, so we’re hitting you with our rendition of just that. The Flex Mullet “Space Ghost” is your favorite pearl fishing lure with some added space dust. Literally! We went to the freakin moon, collected some space dust, and put it in this lure. We’re not joking, just joking, we’re not joking, just joking. A pearl fishing lure with space dust should be in everyone’s tackle box. Get your Flex Mullet “Space Ghost” today.

Color: Redbone
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony just added another member, and he his fire! The Flex Mullet “Redbone” is a clear-water sitecasting machine, and a color that should be in your box at all times. With a natural color pattern, the Flex Mullet “Redbone” can be used over grass or mud/shell mix, and give you the confidence to draw a strike on those bluebird days. Sometime the fish can see us as well as we can see them. In those instances, you go for bottom-matching colors. The Flex Mullet “Redbone” has all the benefits of matching the bottom, with the added bonus of matching prey items, like the underbelly of a fish or blue crab. It’s THE Thuggish Ruggish Bone.
Sometime the fish can see us as well as we can see them. In those instances, you go for bottom-matching colors. The Flex Mullet “Redbone” is sitecasting $$.

Color: Dorado
IT’S LIKE A SOFT GOLD SPOON!!! The 3.5″ Flex Mullet “Dorado” is our OG, and is the ideal technical soft plastic when stalking the flats for reds, specks, flounder, or snook. The Flex Mullet “Gold Spoon” aka “Dorado” incorporates our flex-tail design in order to give hardcore anglers a technical advantage when in the marsh. The “Dorado” is packed with gold fleck which gives the underwater appearance of fish scales. It’s irresistible to predatory fishes.

Color: Lemontreuse
The Flex Mullet “Lemontreuse” is tart, but the reds and specs love it. We’ve followed tradition and made some super bright stuff, which is great for muddy waters, winter trout, and fall flounder. The Flex Mullet “Lemontreuse” is has even more -treuse than chartreuse lure.

Color: What? A Melon?
Say what? A melon? Whatamelon…watermelon!!! Why didn’t we bust this out from day one. Who or what doesn’t like watermelon? Bass anglers, coastal folks, take heed. We’ve twisted the traditional watermelon red flake and created the Flex Mullet “What? A Melon”. Match the bottom over grass or mud/shell mix on those clear-water days. The Flex Mullet “What? A Melon?” is a sitecasting specialist. This is your south Texas and Florida lure. This is your new clear-water confidence lures.

Color: Shrimp Creole
Here is our recipe for a great Shrimp Creole. It’s the best thing you’ll ever put in a fish’s mouth.
Step 1: Buy the Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole”
Step 2: Rig up the Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole”
Step 3: Cast the Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole” at a fish
Step 4: Enjoy!
The Flex Mullet “Shrimp Creole” has that good color of a shrimp lure, with way more action that a shrimp lure.

Color: Dirty Dorado
Underneath the Road of Gold lies tar. The Flex Mullet “Dirty Dorado” is the dark side to our supremely effective “Dorado” color variant. A shade darker than “Dorado”, the 3.5″ “Dirty Dorado” suppresses some of the golden brilliance of the “Dorado”, while still allowing it to peak through and catch a fish’s attention. A darker shade of gold is the ideal color variant for overcast days in the marsh. The tar-ish hue of “Dirty Dorado” give a slightly more realistic appearance when throwing against marsh grass, and does an incredible job of emulating scales on a Croaker or smaller Red – perfect for chasing shallow water Reds in murky water.


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