Williamson Kensaki Jig


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Product Overview

The asymmetrical Kensaki cuts water fast with its knife-tip design, allowing it to get deep. The “in line“ eyelets stabilize the jig during descent and enhance the fluttering action under slack line. Use a ‘lift & fall’ slow-pitch technique to get the Kensaki darting aggressively upwards during the lift, followed by a very tight horizontal flutter on the fall.
Model Length (Inches/Mm) Weight (Oz/G)
KSJ120 5.25" / 133mm 4-1/4 oz. / 120g
KSJ170 6" / 152mm 6 oz. / 170g
KSJ220 6.75" / 171mm 7-3/4 oz. / 220g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review