Yak Power Complete 2-Piece LED Button Light Kit

Yak Power

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Product Overview

Why cut and splice when you can just plug-and-play? Yak-Power has completely revolutionized LED lighting for kayaks. Using our patent pending Through Hull 12v connectors and Yak-Power plug-and-play wiring, adding LED lights to your kayak has never been easier. Simply drill a hole, screw in the self tapping Button Light, plug them in, and power them up!  No wires to cut, no splicing, no caulking, and most importantly no LEAKS!  

All Yak-Power LED lights are designed for maximum performance, ease of installation, and reliability. Our LED Button Lights feature Super Bright LEDS that are fully encapsulated into a 5/8in socket head housing with a 12ft jacketed cable and waterproof connector. All wiring is complete with Yak-Power plug-and-play SAE connectors for easy integration into any Yak-Power system. Optional backing nut included.


LED Button Light color options: 

GREEN is best for attracting bait.  

BLUE is best for night vision.  

RED is good for keeping bugs away.

WHITE is good for compartment lighting

Kit Includes:

2pcs button lights
1pc  2 to 1 plug-and-play SAE splitter
9mm drill bit



Always make sure the Yak Power plug-and-play connectors are completely pushed together when connecting the system together.   

All SAE connectors are not exactly alike. Yak Power uses our own custom tooled, high tolerance, very snug fitting connectors with larger gauge real copper wire to insure a quality, weatherproof, and reliable connection.

All Yak-Power plug and play accessories are specifically designed to work together while maintaining the correct battery polarity throughout the entire Yak-Power system. Use of other aftermarket connectors or splicing other connectors into the Yak-Power system may cause damage to the system or to the accessories connected to the system and void your warranty.

CAUTION: Always pay attention to the actual wire colors of all Yak-Power accessory cables to insure that the RED (+) wire is always connecting to the RED (+) wire on the connector into which it is being plugged.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review